Sod Prices

Here is our estimated per sq foot pricing for sod installation in San Diego.







All sod installations are different. Our pricing is based on a number of different factors.

  1. existing conditions – what is there now. (old lawn, weeds, gravel, etc)
  2. access to the area – front yard, backyard, stairs we may have to deal with
  3. total sq feet of area to be installed with new sod
  4. what type of sod you select.

For a ballpark estimate, measure your property to get a sq foot total of the area. To find square footage, measure the length of the area and multiply that times how wide it is to get a approximate square footage.

Then check table below to get an approximate cost estimate per sq foot for sod and installation. Prep work is not included in the estimate below.

Prices below do NOT include removal of existing lawn, irrigation work, drainage, additional soil, or any additional topsoil that may need to be added to the area.

To get an accurate estimate for sod installation at your property, please contact us to set up a free estimate

Square feet Price per square foot – sod and installation
0 – 100 $4.00
101 – 500 $3.00
500 – 750 $2.75
751 – 1000 $2.25
1001 – 2000 $2.00
2000 + $1.75