Installing a quality irrigation system is essential for a long lasting landscape installation

2 Options For New Lawn Irrigation

1- Under Ground Drip For Lawns – Netafim underground drip irrigation 

2 Standard 4" Popup Spray – 

  • Standard fixed and adjustable spray patterns
  • Low Flow MP Rotator Nozzle that yield larger droplets of water, solve low pressure irrigation issues, and create less mist and evaporation.
  • Rotors – For large areas – Big areas of lawn

Drip Irrigation to Planters / Flower Beds

Benefits of installing a drip irrigation watering system     

  •  Saving Water – Drip irrigation applies water only where it is needed, with less runoff and evaporation.
  •  Saving Money – Investing in a low flow drip irrigation system will save money by significantly lowering water use in the garden, in turn lowering your water usage. 
  •  Adaptability – Low volume irrigation systems are designed for placement in both new and existing landscapes. They are also ideal for installation on difficult terrain such as on slopes, in oddly shaped areas, and sites with high winds. 
  •  Long Life – All products are designed to withstand the harshest conditions in both home and commercial installations. They are manufactured from high quality, durable plastics and contain added quantities of the compound Carbon Black, making them resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. 
  •  Less Maintenance – Directly watering the roots also inhibits germination of weeds because the area between plants is not wet, like with a sprinkler system. 
  • Better Looking Plants – Watering only the base of the plants with low flow irrigation reduces the amount of "pests" found on the plant. Wet foliage allows weeds, bugs, and fungal pathogens like powdery mildew to thrive. Drip irrigation prevents this because it only waters the roots keeping the foliage dry and healthy. 
  •  Conserves Water – Low Flow irrigation uses less water, and promotes lush plant growth: both offering our planet a beautiful and abundant future. 

San Diego Landscape Solutions can assist you with converting from your current high volume irrigation system to a low flow drip irrigation system. Contact us today to set up an appointment