Install Process

Our 12 step process to getting the perfect lawn every time

Step 1 – Kill off old lawn with Roundup – In order to get the best results, you must kill off the old lawn before removing it. Recommended time for chemicals to work is 7-10 days to allow enough time for the Roundup to work its magic. Roundup adheres to the grass/weed leaves and will work its way down into the root system to kill off the old lawn/weeds. Bermuda lawns and St Augustine lawns may require multiple applications to knock them out.

Step 2 – Remove and dispose of old lawn – we use a sod cutter to remove the old lawn. After cutting out the top 2 inches of soil and old lawn, we move onto the next step.

Step 3 –  Rototill area and thoroughly rake out  old roots – we use our high powered rototiller to turn the soil over and bring up old roots. Rake, rake, and rake till the area is clear of old lawn

Step 4 – Rough grade the area and establish borders, grass edging and planters – At this point, we like to define the borders of the new lawn. You can use a concrete mow strip, pavers, brick, block or bender board to achieve a nice defined edge to your lawn. This also allows us to bring irrigation head flush up to border as necessary to achieve head to head coverage on irrigation.

Step 5 – Install / repair drainage system – one very important detail to consider is drainage. We install necessary drainage to avoid pooling and puddling in the lawn areas

Step 6 – Install / repair irrigation system – without a good irrigation system, installing sod is a waste of money. Many options for irrigation. We install and repair all irrigation prior to ordering your sod

Step 7 – test irrigation for complete coverage of the area – you want head to head coverage on your irrigation to avoid brown spots in lawn during warmer months. After irrigation is installed , thoroughly test system for any breaks, voids or poorly covered areas. Tests should be done prior to burying trenches to make sure you dont create double work.

Step 8 – Bury trenches – back fill and compact trenches

Step 9 – Add soil and amendments as necessary – new sod loves good dirt. We will add soil and amend with rototiller to allow a good start to your new lawn. We also add grub control, amendments (depending on your soil type), and a starter fertilizer to make sure you get great results

Step 10 –  Fine grade and compact to prep for sod install – fine grading is very important as this will establish the level of your lawn. We will remove any lumps, bumps and grade appropriately to drainage catch basins.

Step 11 – Get Sod delivered and installed – sod must be installed the same day its delivered for optimal results. Its should be installed in a checkerboard fashion for best results.

Step 12 –  Roll with water rolled to compact – a very important step for finishing the job right. With a sod roller filled 1/2 with water, water the new sod and roll seams with a sod roller. See your timer and your job is done!

To install a new sod lawn correctly takes alot of work and machinery. We are here to help make this process a breeze.

If this sounds like too much work for you to do, contact us today to schedule an appointment to get a sod installation estimate.

If not, your next step is to order materials for delivery